Friday, July 12, 2013

The Inmates

The Asylum is directed by the formidable intellect of Dr. Spock--or so he likes to think

The oldest inmate is the Lizard, a necessary, but unpleasant, primordial creature--he is imperious to persuasion

The institution is devoted to the well being of the Child---he is the centre of love and of hate

The Red Dog gives the Child his strength, his determination and his protection---but he also gives him his rage, and his arrogance

Dr. Spock must constantly protect the Child from the Black Dog's depression, and the Silver Dog's self-destructive impulses

Perhaps your Asylum has these creatures as well

Our story involves the interaction between the inmates, and you will hear all their voices--with luck you  will hear from Dr. Spock, and the Child more often than you hear from the Lizard and the Hounds

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